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The Olympic Stadium will host the Athletics and Paralympic Athletics events at the London 2012 Games, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Key facts

Sport: AthleticsParalympic Athletics
Location: In the south of the Olympic Park
New or existing: New
Permanent or temporary: Permanent
Number of events: 208

Find out how to get to the Olympic Park during the London 2012 Games

About the Olympic Stadium

The London 2012 Olympic Stadium is the most sustainable ever built. With steel a resource in short supply, the build was made 75 per cent lighter in terms of steel use than other stadiums. It also features a low-carbon concrete, made from industrial waste and containing 40 per cent less embodied carbon than usual.

The top ring of the Stadium was built using surplus gas pipes; a visual testament to London 2012's 'reduce, reuse, recycle' approach to sustainability. Steel and concrete use was further reduced by designing the lower section of the stadium to sit within a bowl in the ground. 

During the Games

The Olympic Stadium will be located in the south of the Olympic Park on an ‘island’ site, surrounded by waterways on three sides. Spectators will reach the venue via five bridges that link the site to the surrounding area.

The Stadium will have a capacity of 80,000 during the Games: 25,000 permanent seats in its permanent lower tier, and a temporary lightweight steel and concrete upper tier holding a further 55,000 spectators that can be removed after the Games.

Facilities for athletes within the Stadium include changing rooms, medical support facilities and an 80m warm-up track. Spectator services, refreshments and merchandise outlets will be located outside the venue on a ‘podium’ that will surround the Stadium, rather than being located within the Stadium itself.

After the Games

The Stadium is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a number of different requirements and capacities in legacy. It will continue to be a venue for sport and athletics, as well as cultural and community events – leaving a lasting legacy.
During the London 2012 Games, the Aquatics Centre will be the venue for Swimming, Paralympic Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming and the Aquatics discipline of the Modern Pentathlon.

Key facts

Sport: DivingSwimmingSynchronised SwimmingParalympic SwimmingModern Pentathlon
Location: South-east corner of the Olympic Park
New or existing: New
Permanent or temporary: Permanent venue, with temporary extension during the Games.
Number of events: 192

About the Aquatics Centre

Construction on the Aquatics Centre began in 2008. It will be the ‘gateway’ to the Olympic Park, with more than two-thirds of spectators expected to enter the Olympic Park over a vast bridge that runs over the top of part of the venue.

The venue was designed by acclaimed international architect Zaha Hadid. It features a spectacular wave-like roof that is 160m long and up to 80m wide, giving it a longer single span than Heathrow Terminal 5.

During the Games

The majority of spectators will be seated in two temporary wings that will be taken down after the Games.

It will have a 50m competition pool, a 25m competition diving pool, a 50m warm-up pool and a ‘dry’ warm-up area for divers. The Water Polo competition will be held next to it in the temporary Water Polo Arena, with competition and warm-up pools.

The two venues will be close to each other in one of the most compact areas of the Olympic Park. To make the best use of the space available, some back-of-house facilities, such as space for broadcasters, catering and security will be shared between the two venues so they run as efficiently as possible.

After the Games

The Aquatics Centre will be transformed into a facility for the local community, clubs and schools, as well as elite swimmers. The two temporary wings will be removed, although it will be possible to increase the capacity for major competitions.

The Aquatics Centre will also have a creche, family-friendly changing facilities and a cafe, alongside a new public plaza in front of the building.
Construction was completed on the Aquatics Centre in July 2011. 

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