Thursday, 10 November 2011

iPhone Hackers Find Hidden Photo Feature

                                                              Hackers have posted details of the hidden function online
                                                      Users must jailbreak their device before the function can be activated

Hackers claim to have unlocked a secret photo function for the new iPhone and iPad.

Gadget enthusiasts claim to have found a feature which allows users to take panoramic pictures using the camera on the device.
Photos posted on websites show the new function in action on devices which run Apple's latest iOS5 firmware.
Some also offer instructions on how to activate the panoramic photo settings.
However in order to do so, owners must jailbreak their device, a move which invalidates the warranty and, according to Apple, causes instability within the product.
The feature works by allowing users to move the phone left to right while the camera captures multiple images, which it then stitches together.
It is thought the camera mode is still being tested by Apple.

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